Different things I’ve worked on over the years

Different things I’ve worked on over the years

I’ve worked on so many projects in the last 18 years that it’d be impossible to list them all even if I could remember them. Instead, listed here are a few of the projects I’m particularly proud of.

  • Virtual Coffee

    An intimate tech community for all, optimized for you.


  • React

    In May of 2023, I became an official contributor to the React codebase! It’s not a big change, but it was still very exciting for me.


  • Ralston Instruments

    Since 2007, I’ve been the lead front-end and JavaScript developer for the Ralston Instruments suite of sites. Highlights include the main marketing website, a full CMS build based on CraftCMS, a mobile web app, a React component library built for web and React Native, contributions to a React Native app, and the front-end for their customer log-in area.


  • Codeland Conference

    In 2021 and 2022, I helped the Codeland Conference team update their site to use live data from Airtable, as well as built the day-of portal for attendees to watch the stream, check out the conference schedule, and chat with other attendees.


  • Lakewood Observer

    From 2005 to 2014, I built and maintained the system behind the Lakewood Observer, a hyperlocal news site for the city of Lakewood, Ohio. The site was built on a custom PHP and MySQL framework.