Cleveland Has A New CSS Off Winner!

Cleveland Has A New CSS Off Winner!

Congrats to Brad Dielman for pulling in the win in this month's CSS Off. Attention to detail, clean code, and a sly use of hReview helped Brad in the newest victory for Cleveland. Nice work, Brad!

As you may or may not know, I was one of the judges for this month's contest. Judging was a very rewarding process for me. It's one thing to sneer at someone's code and talk about Standards and best practice and everything, but it's an entirely different thing to have to back it up with reasons. I also strived, when I could, to offer suggestions on how to fix something, instead of just pointing out that it was wrong. It was a very fun experience, and I'm looking forward to helping out on next month's CSS Off.

Again, congratulations, Brad! Cleveland represent!

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  • Brad Dielman commented

    Thanks, Dan! I was away from my desk the entire morning… Its nice to come back and see this waiting for me!

    I had a great time participating and will definitely do it again.