New Place, New State, New Meetup

New Place, New State, New Meetup

Well, as I was telling Eric , I've officially moved. Sunny Bloomington, Indiana is the city I now call home. Emily and I have mostly finished putting everything away and moving around our furniture (you really don't realize how much stuff you have until you have to move everything...), and now all that's left is hanging pictures and organizing shelves. Last week was a crazy, stressful one, but now I finally feel kind of settled in. Emily started orientation today at IU , and I've been purposely trying to get lost in order to explore the city.

One unfortunate byproduct of the move was that it made me miss the Cleveland Area Web Standards Meet-Up that was last week. I was hoping to make it, since I'm not sure when the next one I'll be able to attend is, seeing as though I'm now a good six hours away. I heard it was a good meetup though, and hopefully they'll only get better. Everyone's been doing a great job (especially Joseph James Frantz for organizing the whole deal), and it's just a very positive thing overall.

Speaking of Meetup groups, there aren't any like-minded meetups in the Bloomington/Indianapolis area, so as of today:

Bloomington/Indianapolis Wed Standards Meetup

We'll see what happens, but I'm excited.

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  • Brad Dielman commented

    Hey Dan! I was wondering what happened to you last Tuesday. I had forgot that you were moving. Good luck in the new city! I expect to see a lot of great standards-based sites coming out of the greater Indianapolis area. :)

  • Nate Klaiber commented

    Only 6 hours? Looks like you will have a long drive on Tuesdays for our meetup - but it will be well worth it :) Seriously, I drive almost 2 hours to the meetup - whats another 4 hours? hehe.

    Glad you are all moved and working to find your way around the city. Now it is time for you to create the group and get people involved.

  • Eric Wiley commented

    I’ll bet some good developers will come out of the woodwork now that you’re flying your colors.

    If not, you can become the regional guru and shine some brilliance on the eager to learn minds of Bloomington.

  • Brad commented

    Oh man, seems like everyone with talent leaves Cleveland. If your ever back in town during the meetup you have to stop in.