New site launch: 10 Best Things

New site launch: 10 Best Things just went live a few minutes ago. It's basically a site where you can make top 10 (or any number, really) lists and then share them around. It's actually a lot of fun to play with. Here's a list I made a while ago that I'm fairly proud of: My favorite Christmas movies .

This was a Sprokets project, meaning that I was responsible for the HTML/CSS/Javascript, and was blessed to work with the extremely talented likes of Vince Frantz, John-Paul Walton, Brad Colbow, Mike Barone, and Matt Grosse. It was a pleasure, as always.

Congrats to the Sprokets crew, and good job everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Go make a list!

Comments (archived for posterity)

  • Bradford Dielman commented

    10 Best is made of awesome. Great job to you and the rest of Sprockets team!

  • Josh Walsh commented

    You Sprokets guys did an awesome job with this site. I had Vince show me some of this last week, and I was blown away.

    You’ve done some javascript that I must talk to you about, the next time you make it up this way.

    Well done.

  • Dan commented

    @guys, thanks a lot(: It was/is a very fun project to work on.

    @Josh, feel free to drop a line any time.

  • Monu commented

    Great job man! I really like it.