Styling React Components Talk

Styling React Components Talk

I recently gave a talk at our Cleveland React meetup group about different ways to style React components. I thought it'd be cool to share both the slides as well as the example code for the talk.

You can view the slides on Netlify, and the source code over on Github. I used a package called mdx-deck which was an awesome experience. mxd-deck allows you to code a slide deck using MDX, which is a combination of Markdown and JSX. It uses Gatsby behind the scenes, which means it builds out as a static site that can be easily hosted on Netlify!

In the talk, I examined styling components using the style prop, different ways of using real CSS, and then a couple different CSS-in-JS approaches, including CSS Modules and styled-components.

The code examples are also up on Github. Each one has it's own build on Netlify and can be toyed with on CodeSandbox. The modern internet is pretty cool.

Thanks to everyone who came and listened to me babble. Feel free to reach out with any questions!