The CSS Off Results Are In...

The CSS Off Results Are In...

Well, it took a little time to get the results, but apparently I've won. I'm very excited about the results. Thanks as always to the css off guys, and more on the subject tomorrow(:

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  • Jennifer commented

    Hey good job, hermano. Keep up the good work.

  • Nate Klaiber commented

    Awesome job and a beautiful write up! That is a nice accomplishment.

  • Brad Dielman commented

    Great job, Dan!

  • Eric Wiley commented

    Dan’s off the front porch and in the living room to let you CSS peeps know Ohio’s in the HAY-ouwse!

  • Dennison Uy - Graphic Designer commented

    I got here by way of the CSS Off website. Congrats mate!

  • Brad Colbow - Cleveland Web De commented

    [...] his css/html, but it’s really impressive that he beat out some darn good designers.ÂÂ? Drop by Dan’s blog and check it out and leave him a comment to let him know he did a great [...]