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Twitter This

So most everyone I know in the community is a Twitter user, but I've managed to avoid it up to this point. However, seeing as I have absolutely nothing to do today, I joined Twitter . I'm hoping it will give me a chance to say things that are too inconsequential for a full-on blog post, but that I still want people to hear. Up till now, I was using Sprokets ' campfire room for that purpose. I'll probably keep doing that, but, you know, Twitter is cool, too.

That being said, I'm a total n00b when it comes to Twitter. I'm aware of Snitter and Twitterrific , but are there other Twitter clients out there? Which one do you use/which one is best? Also, are there any people out there that I really should add to my "follow" list?

How about terminology? Have I already embarrassed myself by not using the in-lingo when referring to different parts of Twitter? Brad just "nudged" me; I'm not even sure what that means. Is that like first base?

Well, either way, I'm looking forward to trying it out. We'll see what happens.

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  • Brad Dielman commented

    Ha ha! Not exactly “first base”.

    As for Twitter clients, Snitter rocks. I hear good things about Twitterific, but since I’m not blessed enough to be a Mac owner I don’t have any first hand info. To get it without the ads you will have to pay though. Not much, but still.

    Be sure to follow all of your fellow Cleveland nerds, and Foamee. Got to follow Foamee.

  • Mike Robinson commented

    It’s not quite got the terminology or tips, but I just published a post today comparing twitter and other micro-blogging services. You might be interested in reading it should you completely catch the micro-blogging bug ;) The post is Micro-blogging - Comparison of Services.

    Though, I can point out (as I did in the post): it’s a faux pas to post what you are eating!

  • Dan commented

    @Brad - Well, it was worth a shot.

    Thanks for the tips, I’m planning on checking out both of those Twitter clients and seeing which one I like better. Also, thanks for reminding me about Foamee. I love that.

    @Mike - Ha! Thanks for that; good to know. Also, thanks for the post. I was actually reading it earlier today, and though I had been thinking about it for a while, your post helped tip the scale and get me to sign up, so I have you to thank. Better hope it works out.

  • elliottcable commented



    People(john grubermissroguet marbancdevroenikographyshawnblanc), Bots (++botTwitter StatusFoamee), elliottcable

    Twitter = Service; Tweet = Singular; Tweets = Plural; Twit = User singular; Twits = User plural; nudge = reminding you to update; follow = get updates @ teh client and page; follower = somebody following you; followee = somebody you follow; retard = somebody with more followees than followers


  • Matt McInerney commented

    There are other twitter clients, but I only use Snitter or Twitterific. If you’re looking for some extra fun on twitter, check out

  • gRegor commented

    Gotta follow ijustine, factoryjoe, scobleizer, and darthvader